A Quick 20 Questions with Don Hanson

This is a quick interview with Don Hanson to learn some tidbits about him in a short amount of time.  Don Hanson is a hobby blacksmith who lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  He is a retired Fiber Optics Project Manager and has been blacksmithing since 2001.  Don designs and forges architectural ironwork, home furnishings, and roses for a local festival called Territory Days.

If you want to hear more from Don Hanson, you can listen to our in-depth interview, that will soon be available on the BlacksmitHER.com podcast page.

Indian Headress  1951 Ford  Entry Gate

Don Hanson Tidbits in this Episode:

  • Don performs demonstrations every year at the Territory Days Festival in Old Colorado City.  In the podcast, he talks about how demonstrating is valuable to perfecting your techniques.
  •  He has picked up many of his tongs at flea markets and modified them.
  •  His favorite tool a Clay Spencer designed treadle hammer that he built in a Rocky Mountain Smiths workshop.
  •  Don doesn’t listen to music while he works.  He likes to listen to the equipment running so he can be aware of problems that may arise.
  •  He would love to spend a day working with and learning from Francis Whitaker; a very accomplished master blacksmith here in the US.
  •  A blacksmithing book Don recommends is the “New Edge of the Anvil”, which is available on the SkipJack/Astragal Press website here, http://www.chesterbookco.com/new_edge_anvil_AP-SJ092.htm

Don Hanson Links:

Well, he doesn’t have any – he spends very little time on the computer.

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