A Quick 20 Questions with Mark Aspery

I had a great time doing a quick interview with Mark Aspery. He’s known for his teaching and demonstrating skills of traditional blacksmithing techniques. He travels the country teaching and demonstrating as the “Mark Aspery School of Blacksmithing.” Mark is the author of three books, and is the current editor for ABANA’s magazine “Hammer’s Blow.”

If you want to hear more from Mark Aspery, you can listen to our in-depth interview that will soon be available on the BlacksmitHER.com podcast page.

Mark Aspery PhotoLeafMark's Wolf head

The juicy tidbits that we cover :

  • His favorite part of writing a book. (Spoiler alert – it’s the end!)
  • Tips on photographing metal and tools.
  • Mark’s process of producing a book, and how long it takes.
  • His latest favorite hobby of mountain biking.
  • Mark’s most unusual blacksmithing job : straightening a 40 ft long I-beam with an oxy-acetylene set up!
  • Ways that mild steel has changed over the years, and how he enjoyed working with the older version as it would flow better.
  • How he got his YouTube start, and how it has grown to 10 million views.

You can learn more about Mark Aspery and his work on:

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