Welcome to BlacksmitHER!

Would you like to know what your fellow blacksmith peers are saying about their blacksmithing careers or get inspired by a project they are working on?  You can do that by listening to their interviews on BlacksmitHER Radio.

Like you, I have been interested in learning new techniques from other blacksmiths.  I’ve learned valuable skills from some of the best blacksmiths through workshops and classes, but mostly from having conversations and connecting with them.  So I thought by sharing those connections and conversations through podcasts you too will be able to learn something new about blacksmithing.

At BlacksmitHER, I’m committed to making our worldly blacksmithing community more tight-knit by providing the first blacksmithing podcast.  Interviewing blacksmiths around the world will help improve your metal working skills, while providing an opportunity to connect with others who share your love of blacksmithing!

My mission here is to:

  • Educate…. by highlighting strategies and tools that blacksmiths use
  • Support….by providing relatable topics that will help others in the same field
  • Create a community and camaraderie among the podcast guests, listeners and website visitors
  • Entertain……with my podcast, BlacksmitHER Radio, candid, unscripted and sometimes funny interviews with blacksmiths around the world