Ep #111 “Like Going To Church But Different”

This week’s guests are Shaun Williams and Sylvia Andrassy from Pampano Beach. FL.  Shaun has been blacksmithing for 10 years and is the SE Regional coordinator of the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association.  Sylvia was this year’s FABA conference event coordinator.  Together they have started a non-profit folk art school called the Guild Urban Craft and Folk Art School.

FABA auction night with Dennis Dusek, Sylvia Andrassy, Shaun Williams, Victoria Patti
Claudio Bottero at the Urban Craft and Folk Art Guild in Florida
The Guild Crew in Florida with Claudio and Massimiliano Bottero.


What We Talked About

  • This FABA Conference that was held in the last weekend in October of 2017, had the highest attendance ever in FABA’s entire history with 450 attendees.
  • The conference had 6 specialty workshops and two demonstrator workshops by Lisa Johnson and Claudio Bottero.
  • Shaun talks about his visit to Claudio’s blacksmith shop in Italy.
  • Sylvia tells us about her beginnings in blacksmithing 3 years ago and when Shaun asked her to go to a blacksmith conference as a date!
  • Dark Angel Armory and Forge is Shaun’s forging business, he also started teaching beginner blacksmithing and knife making classes from this location. The classes grew so fast that Shaun and Sylvia decided to start a Guild Folk Art School offering different types of “medieval” art classes; leatherworking, ceramics, jewelry making. The classes are booked 3 to 4 months in advance.
  • The Guild also offers a monthly “membership” to the students who have taken previous classes.
  • They recommend an inspiring artistic Italian blacksmith book, “La Magia de Febrero del Tutto Italiano Centro Fabra Milidia” or “The Magic of Italian Forged Artist, 100 Artist 1000 Ideas”


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