Ep 120 Live Interviews from Blacksmith Events

I talk to a couple of demonstrators while they were demonstrating at events this past weekend.


First I talk with Payne Anne Chassen and Sylvia Andrassy, they are in Pompano Beach, Florida for the FABA SE Regional meet.  The meet was held at the Guild, a non-profit folk art school started by Shaun Williams and Sylvia Andrassy.  Payne was demonstrating a corner shelf with antique glass bulbs incorporated into the design.

Then I talk to Dennis Dusek who was demonstrating garden tools at the Weaverville Hammer-in, this is held at the Jake Jackson Museum Weaverville, California.  He walked around and spoke with the other demonstrators that were there, Monica Coyne, Brett Moten, Dan Perkins, Victoria Ritter and Mark Aspery.


Facebook page for FABA SE

Jake Jackson Museum Website



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