Ep #91 Toby Druce “Mid-life Career Change to Blacksmithing Part 3”

Today is episode # 91 and we’re catchin up with Toby Druce again for the third time in his 15 week artist blacksmith program at Fleming college.  If you recall, Toby Druce made a mid-life career change to become a blacksmith.  He is from the Toronto area in Ontario Canada and has been a social worker with the City of Toronto for the past 29 years.  He decided to change career paths and learn to become a blacksmith by attending the Fleming College Blacksmith Program.

fleming-college-forge midsomer-knight wizard-rack moon-sculpture

What We Talked About

  • We talk about his final project and how far along he is with it, the design changed from his earlier thoughts of incorporating a compass rose.
  • Last time we spoke Toby successfully completed his first forge weld so I asked to see how this technique is going for him.
  • There were 15 students in the class with an age range from 17 to 57 years old and one has left the program.
  • Along with the final project, each student will also have to show 8 different completed projects. Toby tells us everything that he has made so far, a garden hat with a ribbon, 3 coat racks, a human  sculpture, some chisels and a nouveau duck.
  • Toby is still looking to apprentice with a local Toronto blacksmith business.


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