Episode #11 – Bex Simon “Get loyal to your tools”

Bex Simon’s career as an artist blacksmith started by working with clay and fabrics whilst undertaking a Foundation in Art at the Surrey Institute, in England. While attending a demonstration of forging and welding by blacksmiths, she instantly recognized blacksmithing was a skill she had to explore and incorporate into her art work.  It was around this time that Bex discovered her main influences and developed her unique organic style and it is very recognizable.  Leaves with big wide veins and bulbous faces.

Campbell-Centre-metalwork-public-artl-by-BexSimon (1)Bex-at-the-forge

Bex has been very successful with her career as an artist blacksmith and we will talk about just that, how well she has done while having a family, juggling life and running a business.

What We Talked About

  • Where her current shop is in Surry England and one incredible benefit of it – having tea with Terry Clark every morning and bending his ear
  • Maiden Iron workshop – full of women, shop rent costs in London were around 35 pounds/day ($45/day), 450 pounds/month ($568/mo)
  • How she manages her blacksmithing business being a mother of two small children
  • Her “Art Bucket List” is her sketch book
  • Her shop rates and design fees and how bespoke work is priced differently since you never make it again
    • #Terrystips for pricing with customers – Find out what their budget is first? If they say I don’t know, then you mention how much a certain size piece would cost and they say what they were thinking of spending, then you work from there.
  • When and how she started her business in 1999 and how she went to blacksmithing college for 2 years before she started her business
  • She talks about how her surroundings have shaped her artistic intents and designs
  • She talks about how social media is a big priority for building her business, look for her Tweets and Instagram posts from her handle @BexSimonArtist.  She also posts the tips she learns from Terry Clark , look for TerrysTips and #TerryTools on Twitter

BexSimon MODiron Bench pic by Vera Kodajova

Guest Links:

Bex Simon’s Website –  Click here

Twitter – @BexSimonArtist

Instagram – bexsimonartist

Facebook business page – Bex Simon Artist Blacksmith – Click here

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