Episode #16 – Jim Garrett “2 tons of forged silicone bronze for a houseboat?”

Jim Garrett has been blacksmithing for over 35 years.  He has owned and operated Garrett Metals, his blacksmithing business for 35 years and is also an owner (with his brother, Lester) of the Nimba Anvils Company.  He lives and works in Port Townsend outside of Seattle Washington.  He enjoys doing architectural work and has finished projects in Connecticut, Colorado and the Puget Sound area.
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What We Talked About

  • The history of the Nimba Anvil Company and how Nimba Anvils got its name (it’s from a mountain in West Africa that has the highest grade of pure iron ore in the world!)
  •  The process of making an anvil
  •  How many anvils the company sells per month
  •  A one year long blacksmithing project that involved 2 tons of silicone bronze for a special houseboat project
  •  Forging one piece of silicone bronze railing 30 feet long
  •  Shop rates for his blacksmithing business
  •  The start of the Contemporary Blacksmiths, http://www.contemporaryblacksmiths.org
  •  The shipyards in the Seattle area are a good source of used power hammers!
  •  A sculpture made by the Contemporary Blacksmiths for the Toronto airport


Guest Links:

Website – www.Nimbaanvils.com

Houseboat article – http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/28060699?utm_source=Houzz

An Article about Jim becoming an anvil manufacturer – http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20100201/NEWS/302019996

Jim’s friends over at Blue Skillet Ironware website – www.bluskilletironware.com
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2 thoughts on “Episode #16 – Jim Garrett “2 tons of forged silicone bronze for a houseboat?”

  1. I am a girls scout camp ranger, I just purchased my first anvil from nimba and hope to get the older girls interested and involved in smithing, and possibly get some demonstrators in for them! Looked up Jims name and found this! As I get scouts interested I WILL be sending them to check out this site and podcasts!


    1. Jim told me the other day that he sold an anvil to a Girl Scout camp, I think that is incredible!! I appreciate your vision there and thank you for spreading the word about BlacksmitHER! Thanks, Vic

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