Episode #3: Corrina Sephora Mensoff “12 Business Strategies”

Corrina Sephora Mensoff is an accomplished artist and blacksmith. She talks about her “12 Business Strategies” that she has found essential in creating her success as an artist. Hear about how she held a private art show at one of her collector’s mansions and sold a $13,000 sculpture to an attendee!

Corrina's Boat sculptureCorrina_Walking Boat

Corrina’s Links:

Corrina’s website – Corrina Sephora

Facebook – Business page Corrina Sephora Art and Metalwork and her personal page

YouTube channel – Corrina Sephora

To sign up for her Bi-monthly Newsletter- email Corrina, corrinasephora@gmail.com.

In this Episode:

  • Learn Corrina’s 12 Business Strategies
  • Hear how she sold a $13,000 sculpture and click here to see the video of the event
  • A New York City Installation and click here to the video of the NY installation
  • Find time to make your personal creative pieces, build your body of work
  • The 7.5 business strategy – “The List of Ten”

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