Episode #35 “Adrian Legge -The Seven P’s for Blacksmith Demonstrators”

Adrian Legge is a 2nd generation blacksmith from Bromyard, England.  In his almost 40 year career he has been involved in work as diverse as the restoration of 17th century gates and railings, the design and making of contemporary garden sculpture and teaching the craft to others at Hereford College of the Arts.

adrian-legge-portrait Adrian and Mark


What We Talked About

  • Adrian was very academic as a young lad and went to college with hopes of becoming a biochemist.  After a stint of college, he decided to work with his father who was a blacksmith, farrier and farmer.  His father soon enrolled Adrian into a blacksmithing college, Hereford College, where he ended up loving the craft.  Adrian has been teaching blacksmithing at Hereford College for the past 28 years. Here is a link to the college, http://www.hca.ac.uk/Courses/University-Level/BA-(Hons)/Artist-Blacksmithing
  • Adrian remembers his first time demonstrating in front of a crowd; he was very nervous.  He says he’s not adept at the “7 P”s” – prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance.
  • Adrian attended the Emma International Collaboration in Saskatchewan, Canada in 2014.  A gathering of 100 artists of all crafts gather for one week and collaborate without the use of electricity, http://www.emmacollaboration.com/events
  • Pricing and business are two things he also teaches in his courses at the college.  Adrian developed a spreadsheet that has formulas built into it to help you figure out your hourly rate.
  • As a liveryman, a national judge, and assessor for the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, Adrian enjoys every part of being involved with a tradition that carries on through the centuries.  He talks about the circuit competitions they have all year round and the details of what the qualification classes will be and the awards given to the winners.  The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths is one of the oldest City of London Livery Companies and it’s first ever recorded blacksmithing record is from the year of 1299!  Here is a link to their website, http://blacksmithscompany.org/.

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Guest Links

Website – www.bringstyforge.co.uk

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004654304928

Hereford College of the Arts Blacksmithing Program – http://www.hca.ac.uk/Courses/University-Level/BA-(Hons)/Artist-Blacksmithing

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4 thoughts on “Episode #35 “Adrian Legge -The Seven P’s for Blacksmith Demonstrators”

  1. Hi there Victoria,
    Really enjoy the show, keep it up. Is there any chance of being forwarded that spreadsheet Adrian talks about? It sounds very handy.

    All the best
    yours sincerely
    Andy Mckenzie

    1. Thanks for listening Andy! I’ll send it to you and attach it to the episode page when I get it from Adrian.

  2. Hello Victoria. I’ve known of Blacksmither for a while but your conversation with Adrian was the first podcast I’ve sat down with. He is just as lively and informative on the radio as in person (but not nearly as sassy). If you are truly interested in the Emma International Collaboration, I can submit your name and contact info to the selection committee. Simply email you’re coordinates to me. I know first round invites for 2016 have gone out but many of those people will decline for various reasons and it’s possible you might receive an invite later this year. Take care. Craig.

    1. Thanks for listening Craig! I’ve checked out the Emma website, looks like a great event, I’ll send an email to you.

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