Episode #4 Valerie Ostenak – Her favorite tool? Her Hay Budden Anvil

Valerie Ostenak, an award-winning jeweler, is a blacksmith and silversmith, creating fine sculptural jewelry using the centuries-old techniques of forging and weaving.  She is also the current editor for the ABANA magazine publication the “Anvil’s Ring”.

Although Valerie originally studied science at ASU, with plans to become a veterinarian or marine biologist she changed her course towards the arts. Valerie’s metals training began with jewelry and metalsmithing courses at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff AZ, and continued at California State University Long Beach, CA.

Valerie at the Power hammer 1983 VO NecklaceVO Bracelet

Valerie’s Links:

Valerie Ostenak – website

Facebook – business page VOstenak Studios, personal page

Click here for the National Geographic Interview

How to sign up for the Anvil’s Ring – visit the ABANA website to become a member and receive the magazine quarterly.

What we talked about:

  • Worked with Victory Forge in Arizona designing, building, installing a hand-forged decorative steel railing at the Grand Canyon Mather Point Amphitheater
  • FB picture of Valerie working with a Little Giant power hammer in 1983
  • Valerie’s clear picture of her demographic who buys her art/jewelry
  • How she prices her work
  • The 2 galleries that represent her work, Lanning Gallery in Sedona Arizona and ZFolio Gallery in Santa Barbara.
  • Her take on being the editor of the Anvils Ring and much she loves it
  • In 2010 she was interviewed by National Geographic for their education site

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