Episode #7 – Ellen Durkan “Forged Fashion”

Ellen Durkan is an artist blacksmith and a part time professor at the Delaware College of Art and Design.  Ellen is drawn to making “Forged Fashion” metal dresses that start as elaborate life size drawings.  Her business called Iron Maiden Forge is in Delaware, she works with private commissions and sells directly from her website, www.ellendurkan.com

Head pieceParis Fashion Week CorsetCopper Dress and Drawings

Ellen’s Links:

Ellen Durkans Website 

Ellen’s Facebook

TED Talk on YouTube

Ellen’s Iron Maiden Runway Show video

What we talked about:

Her Fashion Runway Show at the Delaware Art Museum that showcased 6 of her metal dresses, she is having two more runway shows that includes performances from other artists in Philly or Baltimore.

Iron Maiden Forge is her business and she talks about her goals for growing it

An Artist residency that went downhill in upstate NY that led to an online business carrying her jewelry

How she hears about exhibition and commission opportunities

How well her website shop is doing

Ellen told us about her TED talk in Baltimore 2013

What she thinks about Etsy

Her Paris Fashion Week corset commission

Tells us about her shop, what’s in it and her new tool that weighs 3000 lbs

Ellen at ABANA 2014

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