Lisa Geertsen – The Blacksmithing Tricycle that’s “been around”!

Lisa Geertsen is an artist blacksmith in Seattle, WA. She owns and operates Firelight Forge, located in the Equinox Studios building in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Firelight Forge operates solely on custom commissions ranging from architectural work to sculpture.  In 2013 she accepted the position of Metal and Stone Studio Manager at Pratt Fine Arts Center in addition to the classes she teaches there regularly.

Trike adoned by Blacksmiths (2) Lisa's Wrapped Tree

Lisa’s Links:

Firelight Forge Website

Lisa’s Pratt Fine Arts email –

Facebook page

Instagram – firelightforge

Pratt Fine Arts Center Blacksmithing classes, Seattle, Washington –

Lisa Geertsen
Lisa Geertsen at the 2014 ABANA submitting work to the gallery

In this episode we talked about:

  • She studied Fine Art and Sculpture at West Virginia University
  • Her introduction to blacksmithing through working at an ornamental metal working business that had a women as the head blacksmith, Laura Goemat
  • How active she is with her regional blacksmith association and how many women blacksmiths are members with the Northwest Blacksmith Association
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center and teaching blacksmithing classes for the past 7 years and now the Metal and Stone Sculpture Manager
  • On Lisa’s website I saw a tricycle that I loved, she tells us about the story behind the tricycle
  • How big her shop is and what kind of tools are in it
  • How she prices her work
  • Her 15 Artists in 15 Minutes in notes on FaceBook


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