May 2017 Blacksmith Buzz Bulletin

This is the BlacksmitHER Buzz Bulletin.  Where you will get the low-down about upcoming current blacksmithing events happening around the world.  The bulletins are released once a month and will announce events happening in the following month.   If you have an event or class you would like to submit, send an email to and I will send you the details I need for the press release.

Before we get to the bulletin I would like to mention in case you didn’t know, there is another blacksmith podcast out there that you can listen to, it’s called the Blacksmith’s Pub with Jesse Savage and Rick Barter having conversations about specific blacksmith topics and techniques and sometimes they have guests on the show too, you can listen to the show in iTunes, Stitcher and from their website


5/6/2017 SAT AFS Forging a chef’s knife, 2 days Lake Luzerne, NY Matthew Parkinson
5/7/2017 SUN John C Cambell Folk School, Flowers in Metal, 7 days Brasstown, NC Bob Alexander 
5/11/2017 THU CMA, Collaborative Sculpture, 4 days Florida, NY Jake James
5/13/2017 SAT AFS Forge a marshmallow roaster beginners class one day Lake Luzerne, NY Steve Gurzler
5/14/2017 SUN John C Cambell Folk School, Good Techniques and awesome beats, 6 days Brasstown, NC Matt Jenkins
5/15/2017 MON AFS Taste of the Forge class, 3 evenings Lake Luzerne, NY Steve Gurzler
5/15/2017 MON NESM Intro to Blacksmithing, 10 days Auburn, Maine Dereck Glaser
5/15/2017 MON NESM Beginner blacksmithing, 5 days Auburn, Maine Dereck Glaser
5/17/2017 WED AFS Forge a Triangular dinner bell, 1 day Lake Luzerne, NY Jordan Mauro
5/18/2017 THU Bi-Annual Southern Blacksmith Association conference, 4 days Madison, Georgia Zeevik Gottlieb, Shelton Browder, Gordon Williams, and Michael Saari 
5/19/2017 FRI AFS Basic Blacksmithing level two, 4 days Lake Luzerne, NY Dick Sargent
5/19/2017 FRI John C Cambell Folk School, Basic Blacksmithing, 3 day weekend class Brasstown, NC Marty Young 
5/21/2017 SUN John C Cambell Folk School,Blacksmithing for home and hearth, 7 days Brasstown, NC Jeff Mohr 
5/22/2017 MON NESM Intermediate blacksmithing, 5days Auburn, Maine Dereck Glaser
5/27/2017 SAT The New England Blacksmith’s Brentwood Teaching Center will be open for an open forge day on May 27th., 9-4 Brentwood, NH Bob Menard will help with open forge 
5/28/2017 SUN John C Cambell Folk School, Get it hot and hit it right, 7 days Brasstown, NC John Scroggin 

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