Episode #1 – Payne Anne Chassen, founder of Angels and Anvils

Known to call most of her girlfriends “Sister Woman”…I was lucky enough to have an in depth interview (at happy hour) with Payne Anne Chassen in my shop and she agreed to be on camera with me!  Payne is has been a trained welder since 2004, she lives and welds in the “Yooper” aka, the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Once she started working with metal she went right into making functional sculptures and art.  In this episode we talk about the Facebook group Angels and Anvils and why she started the group.

Payne and I have spent time with each other in a blacksmith’s shop, forging, using an air compressor to “blow” up metal like a pillow (they were mini kayaks!), welding and of course grinding! We work great together in the shop and I hope to get more shop time with her in the future.

Payne Anne’s Links:

Payne Anne’s Facebook- personal Facebook page

Facebook group  – Angels and Anvils , go here to join ***if you are a chic****

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The start of the Face Book group Angels and Anvils
  • Why she started the group
  • How Pattie Young helped her
  • Working with acclaimed sculptor Bernie Jestrabek-Hart
  • Learn what is better than sex for Payne!!
  • Her 2 year plan
  • The first ever Angels and Anvils Blacksmithing Event at Rodger Labrash’s shop
  • YouTube video of our interview – Payne Anne Interview video
  • AND Payne’s favorite liquid she wants to swim in!!!!

Resources that were mentioned during the interview:

Pattie Young, Rustic and Creative designs – website

Acclaimed sculptor Bernie Jestrabek-Hart –

  • a graduate of Boise State University, creates custom metal and barbed wire and now fabric sculptures for collectors throughout the world.  For 32 years she created with steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, as well as barbed wire. In 2011 due to worn out shoulders which have been replaced Bernie is no longer able to do the hammering required to shape metal so she has turned to creating with fabric. She sculpts in many different styles, a multitude of subjects and sizes, from monumental works for landmarks and school mascots, as well as smaller for homes and gardens, including tiny sculptures and pieces of jewelry. Website.

CBA – California Blacksmith Association – Website

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