A Quick 20 Questions with Jim Garrett


This is a quick interview with Jim Garrett to learn some juicy tidbits about him in a short amount of time.  Jim Garrett is a blacksmith and one of the owners of Nimba Anvils based out of Port Townsend Washington.

Firepit gang Jim Garret Large Print-7 (5) Houseboat inside railing

If you like what you hear and want to hear more from Jim, you can listen to our in depth interview, that will soon be available on the BlacksmitHER.com podcast page.
What Juicy tidbits are they?
· How many anvils does he have in inventory?

· How he really enjoys working with architects for blacksmithing projects

· The blacksmith he would like to spend a day with is Paul Zimmerman

· How many different sanding discs he uses to finish the Nimba anvils before they leave his shop
Jim Garrett’s Links:

Website – www.Nimbaanvils.com

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