BlacksmitHER Radio is a podcast about the blacksmith craft and our audience has been growing since it’s launch in 2014.  The audience comprises of women, men, blacksmiths of all levels, artists, and people who share a passion for blacksmithing.

BlacksmitHER Radio’s Mission:

  • Educate – by highlighting techniques, strategies and tools that blacksmiths use through podcasts and webinar classes.
  • Support – by providing relatable topics that can be helpful for all levels of blacksmithing.
  • Community – by getting to know your fellow blacksmiths, creating camaraderie among the podcast guests and listeners.
  • Entertain – with weekly unscripted, candid interviews of blacksmiths around the world.

If you would like to be a sponsor for the show, contact Victoria at info@blacksmither.com for a media kit.

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Thank You to our sponsors:

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One thought on “Sponsors

  1. Hi Vic,
    Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season.

    Adam’s Forge is raising funds to put up a steel building at Heritage Square Museum. We are having our first ever fundraiser on Feb 18th. I would love to talk with you about publicizing it on Blacksmither Radio. Give me a call when you have a chance.


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