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Welcome to BlacksmitHER Radio, spotlighting male and female blacksmiths around the world.


We’re committed to providing a host of resources to male and female blacksmiths of all ability levels through podcast interviews spotlighting your fellow blacksmiths. The podcast interviews are designed to help improve your metal working skills while providing an opportunity to connect with others who share your passion of blacksmithing!  

Dec 28, 2015

2015 Wrap-up

Well, 2015 has been excellent.  We’ve shared so much content through BlacksmitHer Radio and I have to say it’s been so much fun and nothing short of EPIC?

Let’s re-cap what we’ve heard and learned:               

Way back in January 2015 we found out about a touchmark that includes an anvil and...

Dec 21, 2015

Stuart Geisler is an industrial blacksmith in Pennsylvania.  He specializes in a variety of high quality, hand-made tools for the cooperage industry and the slate quarry industry out of Granville, NY.  He started a blacksmith apprenticeship in 1977 after completing his physics and astrophysics at Villanova...

Dec 14, 2015

I’m reading an article from the California Blacksmith Association Newsletter, I belong to that organization and my membership has helped me in so many ways.  There are a lot of talented and skilled blacksmiths in California who belong to that association who share their tips and tricks of the trade.  The newsletter is...

Dec 7, 2015

Kate Dinneen is a master blacksmith from Lawrence, Kansas. She's owned her own business called Hot Flash Metalworks since 2006. Her work can be seen across Kansas as well as on the gates at Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London. Kate has studied and mentored with blacksmiths internationally and is currently serving as a...

Nov 23, 2015

Victor Plitt is a hobby blacksmith in Central Pennsylvania.  He is a truck driver by trade and started blacksmithing a few years ago.  Victor has also founded the Iron Forge Fire online blacksmith forum.

What We Talked About

  • When Victor decided to take up blacksmithing as a hobby, he went to the internet to look for...